Thoughtful ideation and award winning industrial design.

Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and comprehensive DFM.

Rapid prototyping and modeling using a wide range of materials and processes.

Reliable manufacturing for everything from parts to complete box build.

We Have Your Solution

Box Build offers product solutions ranging from reliable and affordable part production to comprehensive end-to-end program management. Whether you need to make a single part or a complete finish product in retail packaging, we have your solution.

Separate your product from the pack.

Our designers and engineers have won multiple national and international design awards and have worked for some of the most prestigious firms in the world. Our team has created award-winning products ranging from electronic consumer devices to residential lighting to industrial equipment.

The Box Build network includes high-quality, ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing.

Our manufacturing facilities are world-class and adhere to the highest industry standards for quality and safety. We have extensive experience in certification processes and regulatory compliance. We are also leaders in green manufacturing!