Award-Winning Design and Manufacturing

Anyone can slap a logo on something for you, that's not what we do.

At Box Build we are able to coalesce abstract concepts into physical reality to reveal a world of possibilities for your product, going far beyond simply designing or building to specification. We help you navigate the competitive landscape and incorporate unique features and technologies into your product that will give you the winning edge. Your product won’t end up saying “me too”, but rather “me first”.

We are consummate entrepreneurs and innovators with literally dozens of patents to our credit. Box Build approaches each product as a sea of endless possibilities. At every turn, we infuse products with a fresh perspective and create solutions that are simple, elegant and compelling. The critics seem to agree.

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Our production facilities adhere to the highest global standards of quality and safety, including ISO9001:2008, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, and more. We conduct regular audits and inspections of our vendors and manufacturing partners to ensure that they are in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards.

The Box Build team will be at the factory before, during, and even after production. As a result, we are able to provide real-time feedback, detailed inspection reports including measurements and photos, and ensure every precaution is taken to ensure the best possible product quality.

We are very familiar with certification and approval processes, including CE, UL, CSA, NSF, FCC and more. We can guide your product through each step of process at independent third-party testing laboratories — so you can sleep easy knowing your product is safe, well-made, and compliant with all laws.

Patents and Trademarks:

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Some examples of our team's inventions include:

  • US-D586,335 Snowflake Microphone
  • US-D599,786 In-line signal processor
  • US-D563,396 Microphone
  • US-D551,661 Microphone
  • US-D535,645 Microphone
  • US-D529,484 Microphone
  • US-2009/0242659 Indicating a shower stage
  • WO-2008/108832 Lighting Assembly
  • US-D577453 Track Light
  • US-2007/0279921 Lighting Assembly
  • US-2011/29402720 Electronic Rodent Exterminator
  • US-D570,821 Tube Microphone Amplifier
  • WO-02/054734 Portable Communication Device
  • US-6,965,789 Portable Communication Device
  • 77581137 “Mikey” Trademark
  • 77581129 “Icicle” Trademark
  • 76662360 “PowerStream” Trademark
  • 77951574 “Earth Friendly Electronics” Registered Mark
  • 77951585 “Light Assisted Power” Registered Mark

Box Build Founder Todd Metlen on Product Design

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