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The cost of making a part or product will depend on the complexity, the material(s), the process requirements, the finish requriements, the testing/certification requirements, and where it is made. Every choice can have a significant effect on your bottom line as all these elements can cause the price to vary dramatically. It will cost more to manufacture domestically, but it will cost less for transportion/shipping. There is no tooling cost to CNC machine an aluminum part, but the cost of producing an aluminum diecast tool may be offset by the savings in the per-unit production cost. At BoxBuild, we can help you navigate all these choices and make well-informed decisions to best satisfy your needs.
The lead-time will vary by material and process. Tooling for simple processes like compression molding or thermoforming will generally take 2-3 weeks, while molds for thermo-plastic mold injection typically take 4-6 weeks. When we provide a quote for your part/product, we will include the lead-time details so you will know exactly what to expect. For complex turn-key production projects, we will provide a comprehensive schedule complete with all appropriate milestones and dependencies.
We are a one-stop shop for establishing and maintaining a global supply chain. Our supplier network includes qualified vendors that adhere to the highest global standards of quality and safety, including ISO9001:2008, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, and more. We will evaluate the goals and cost targets of your project to offer the most appropriate supply chain strategy to meet your needs. Whether its domestic manufactuing, over-seas manufacturing, or a blend of the two, we provide can provide the best solution for you.
At BoxBuild, we have a deep and comprehensive network of suppliers that allows us to create a diverse and redudant supply chain that is capable of dynamically growing as quickly as you grow. From just a few thousand pieces a month to millions of units per year, we can accommodate your needs.
We start by gathering information about your project. We will analyze the requirements and constraints of your project to create a detailed quote. We do not bill by the hour. Every quote will include a list of all services and/or deliverables along with a fixed price and lead-time. You will know exactly what you're getting, when you'll get it, and how much time and money to budget for it. Payment terms will vary depending on the services/deliverables, but will be clearly described in the quote. All prices are ex-works (FOB factory).
We work closely with all our vendors and suppliers to make sure you receive a quality product that is made exactly to specification. BoxBuild creates detailed SOP (standard operating procedures) for every project that describes the QA inspection and testing requirements for every step of the manufacturing process. Regular on-site inspections are performed to make sure these process are carefully followed. All test results are carefully recorded and stored in inspection reports that document the part/productions adherence to the product specifications.
All our pricing is ex-works (FOB factory). This means that you will be responsible for the shipment of your product to its final destination. However, we have a several frieght forwarders and shipping companies that we work with on a regular basis that we can utilize to help you make transportion arrangements. Whether by air or sea, we can help guide you through the process.

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