XinKaishi Maternity and early development device.

The Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures designed and developed a revolutionary, award winning new product and needed assistance in establishing its manufacturing operations. The XinKaishi product was specifically designed for the Asian market, so it was critical that it be manufactured overseas. Our network includes an extensive group of highly-qualified manufacturing vendors all around the world, which includes our sister company Blue Ox Industrial based in Hong Kong. As a result, the Box Build team was able to provide BCGDV with a comprehensive solution to their needs.

Production Tooling and DFM

We started by designing and building all their production tooling. The product's mechanical design had several critical-fit relationships that required high-precision tooling. It also required multi-step processes including over-molding. The Box Build team completed this tooling on schedule and was able to provide precision parts that satisfied all the design requirements.

Product Test Reports and Certifications

Box Build team produced comprehensive QA/QC testing reports on every aspect of the product to ensure that production units were meticulously faithful to original design specifications. We also worked with suppliers and certification laboratories to obtain necessary compliance documentation required certifications.

Complete Box Build Production

It was time to transition into production. Box Build provided critical guidance to establish manufacturing fixtures and processes, solving issues with ultrasonic welding and assembly processes that previous vendors and consultants had been unable to solve. When the client's focus groups indicated that an additionally accessory would improve the user experience, we helped design and source a solution. The result is a high-quality product that has been scaled for mass production to support the client's aggressive growth trajectory.