Sunbrite TV Water-resistant speaker bar for outdoor televisions.

Sunbrite TV manufactures high-end, commercial grade television systems primarily for outdoor installations. While most of the manufacturing of their products is performed in their own US facility, some components are sourced from other manufacturers when pricing and quality allow. The large and small speaker bar that accompanies their television systems is just such a component.

Originally, Sunbrite TV was manufacturing their speaker bars locally. Hoping to reduce the cost and conserve their manufacturing resources, they came to Box Build for a solution. It was critical to reduce the cost without sacrificing quality or performance. Over their lifetime, Sunbrite's products will spend thousands of hours in the harsh elements and need to be able to function reliably - rain or shine. Box Build was up to the challenge.

Production Tooling

We analyzed the clients drawings and bill of materials to develop a production strategy that would save money and maintain quality. We began by building a complete tooling and fixture set that would produce high quality parts in an efficient and cost effective way.

Manufacturing and Assembly

We leveraged our production experience and deep network of component suppliers and manufacturing vendors to provide the client with a reliable and cost-effective source for their speaker bar products. Box build manages this supply chain on an going basis, producing many thousands each year for the client.