Southland Sod Innovative growing pot for commercial farming.

Southland Sod is a premier grower in the California's Oxnard plane, but the state's ongoing water shortage has impacted the demand for sod. In response, Southland Sod decided to reallocate a sizeable amount of their acreage to growing berries. Starting fresh, they had the opportunity to identify, develop, and invest into the most advanced and effective growing strategies. After successfully experimenting with several cutting-edge growing techniques designed to reduce water consumption and increase yields, Southland Sod recognized several shortcomings with the typical growing pot. They entrusted Box Build to help create a custom solution.

Mechanical Engineering

Box Build worked with Southland Sod to identify all the project requirements and constraints. To meet their needs, this growing pot would need to be elevated, provide improved drainage, control root growth, be cost-effective, and last for years. After consulting with the customer's resident hordiculture experts, Box Build engineers used the latest in CAD software to create a comprehensicve design solution that could be digitally reviewed and analyzed by the customer before making even a single part.

Production Tooling

Once the design process was completed, Box Build began to transitioned the product into production. Box Build provided the customer with a complete program to take the project from prototyping and validation through to pre-production and full scale production. Leveraging our deep network of highly qualified vendors, Box Build was able to provide a very competitive price for both tooling and production to meet the tight budget requirements of the client.


Within a couple short months, production tooling was completed, samples produced and approved, and volume production in full swing. Since then, Box Build has produced hundreds of thousands of these innovative growing pots that are used to produce truck-loads of juicy berries for consumers all across the United States.