SolarPuff Solar powered LED lantern.

Solight Designs had patented several lantern concepts and created a few rough prototypes, but they were looking for a partner to help refine the product and mass produce it. They came to the team at Box Build for help. At Box Build, we have extensive experience in designing and creating solar and LED products. Our designers are have several solar/LED lighting patents to their credit. As a result, we were able to provide comprehensive solutions for Solight that included an electrical circuit design, LED reflector array, custom battery, waterproof enclosure design, specialized materials and unique manufacturing processes.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

The Box Build team integrated our patented LED light array and water-proof electronics module into the Solar Puff design concept. The integration of these critical mechanical and electrical elements into the design resulted in a product that is both efficient and effective in a wide range of use cases.


We produced several rounds of prototypes for the client, experimenting with different material choices and construction methods. The final prototypes were used to develop the client's initial marketing materials.

Process Development

The final materials selected for the product presented several manufacturing challenges. The Box Build team developed a construction solution that involved a blend of processes, including both sewing and high-frequency welding.

Complete Box Build Manufacturing

Over just a couple months, the team at Box Build was able to implement both design and manufacturing solutions to transform Solight's products from concept to reality.