LifeFuels Award-winning smart nutrition bottle.

Life fuels had a revolutionary product concept to improve personal wellness. After filing for patent protection, they were ready to transform their concept to reality. They came to Box Build for help with industrial design, mechanical engineering, tooling and manufacturing.

Industrial Design

The client provide Box Build designers with a basic list of features, requirements, and constraints. We incorporated all these elements into a compelling industrial design that was both attractive and highly functional. The design celebrates the product's primary purpose with honest transparency, while elegantly maintaining it's mystery.

Mechanical Engineering and System Integration

The next step was to work out all the mechanical and electrical systems. The list of technical objectives was daunting. Box Build engineers collaborated with the Lifefuels development team to work through all the requirements, from functionality to usability to durability. We developed unique customized solutions to satisfy the many requirements that resulted in substantial additional intellectual property for the client. The final result was so impressive, it was recognized by the at the 2016 CES with an Innovation Award.


Box Build produced complete prototypes, which provided important design validation. With dozens of parts from various materials, we utilized a wide range of processes to produce these prototypes including 3D printing, SLS, CNC machining and more.

Production Tooling and DFM

We produced a variety of production tooling to prepare the clients product for production, including plastic injection molds, blow molds, compression molds, and more. Parts were produced, analyzed, tested, and all necessary adjustments made to ensure the product was ready for mass production.