Ollie e60 Innovative Commercial Soft-Serve Machine.

A well-known company with decades of experience in refrigeration wanted to develop a bullet proof, innovative soft-serve machine to be marketed under their new brand, Ollie. Inspired by the American inventor Oliver Evans who first described vapor-compression refrigeration, the new Ollie e-60 was to include ground-breaking features that would undeniably set it apart from anything else in the category. Box Build was able to help.

Component Sourcing and Materials Research

Antipating the need to comply with UL and NSF certification, Box Build performed extensive research into components and materials to ensure the final product would satisfy all requirements.

Mechanical Engineering

We worked closely with the company's refrigeration experts and engineering team to design a revolutionary new product. Our team created unique and robust solutions to the problems that historically plague soft-serve machines. Then, we added layers of innovation into both the mechanical and electronically control systems that result in a machine that is both smart and reliable.

Systems Integration

The Box Build team combined both mechanical and electrical systems in modular designs that would reduce manufacturing assembly time and increase serviceability.


We built several fully functioning prototypes for design validation, refinement, performance testing, and thorough documentation of the entire product in preparation for Ul and NSF testing.

Production Tooling and DFM

To prepare the product for mass production, Box Build created a complete range of production tooling that included plastic mold injection, thermoforming, hydro-forming and more. The final product debuted at the National Restaurant Association Show in 2016 to rave reviews.